Product: Flea Market Collection

Inspired by our trip to the Flea Markets in Europe, we re-create 13 pieces of carefully curated plates and bowls from the previous century - The Flea Market Dining Collection

Remixed with forms and designs from our archive, the decorative shapes, vintage colours and sparkling golden rims will bring you back to the powerful and evocative time.

We recommend to mix and match with different patterns and shapes, as you are hunting the treasure in a flea market - dare to try!

Left: Flea Market 23cm Salad Plate on Flea Market 27cm Dinner Plate
Right: Flea Market 23cm Soup Plate

From top: Flea Market 15.5cm Low Bowl (S),
Flea Market 18.5cm Low Bowl (L),
Flea Market 23cm Pasta Bowl (L)

Left: Flea Market 19cm Side Plate (Assorted)
Right: Flea Market 19cm Side Plate (Red)

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