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Products: Studio Collection

Studio was inspired by the classic Tenmoku Glaze that originated in the Chinese Song Dynasty. It was so admired by the Japanese culture that they adopted the technique making it their own and where it endures still today.

Every piece has its own personality due to the way we create the Studio collection. Our craftsman dip each piece individually, by hand, so no piece is exactly the same giving it life and a unique crafted feel.

The intensity of the glaze is amazing typified by its deep dark chocolate, almost pitch black colour for the majority of the surface but where it is thinner, on the edges, it breaks into a beautifully rich warm caramel hue. The glaze envelopes the soft simple organic shapes that exemplify the Studio collection, allowing the glaze to express its beauty to the full particularly in the continuous curves inside the bowls that amplify its depth and shine.

You may see the full collections at our physical stores now, or you can get them online here



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