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Travel: Roaster Alchemy

Peter Law, founder of Roaster Alchemy obviously compares coffee extraction to Alchemy, the process of purifying materials. Alchemy is one of the early specialty coffee adoptors in Hong Kong, alongside the other coffee shops we visited a few weeks ago.


Address: Unit 1, 3/F, Wing Hang Industrial Building, 13-29 Kwai Hei Street, Kwai Chung

Opening Hours: Better call to inquire as it’s a Roaster Lab + Lifestyle Café but they are sure to close Tuesday and Friday for roasting.

Phone: 3749 3980


Step inside Roaster Alchemy you will find the 4 elements engraved on the wall. Peter was telling us the story of him creating the brand. Iron stands for the espresso machine, Air and Fire represents the Roasting process. Of course, the extraction signals the beauty of roasted beans.


Peter is often a judge for important coffee competition, you can find him in Hong Kong Barista Championship, Roasting Championship. He is definitely a veteran in the industry, and of course he has passion in what he’s doing. He cherry picks the green beans he roast, and he’s a café owner that knows his stuffs. Just hearing him explaining the stories between 2 different grinders was super interesting. This serious attitude towards his products was reflected in the cups he made us, some very fruity, floral Columbian shots.


We are at Alchemy’s Roastery, drinking Peter’s brew, but they do have two other coffee shops in Quarry Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui, where you can drink their coffee in the city. I got a chance to try this amazing Columbian ice drip coffee, which I need to admit, was the best ice drip I’ve ever had.


In the Roaster Lab, Alchemy uses a 15kg Giesen for its espresso blend, and a 6kg Giesen for single originals. There are other specialty coffee shops that use Alchemy’s beans, including the positively reviewed Barista Jam, and the hipster sandwich bar Bread and Beast.


Alchemy has a very presentable lab, big and clean. They have serious beans picking and cupping sessions that thrift for excellence. Apart from the regular latte art classes and Q Grader class, the lectures don’t just simply share the coffee or brewing method, but more focused on sensory and experience.




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