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Travel: Sensory Zero


Sensory Zero, from Zero to Hero. A very humble statement for them.

Dixon, one of the founders of Sensory Zero was the first Q-grader in Hong Kong. He has been judging competition in various parts of the world as a regular international judging panel.

The other founder, Alvin is a sensory artists who designed the corporate image of Sensory Zero. He’s a multi-talented guy who reaches high level in photography, coffee and tea tasting, rice appreciation and most important, a seasoned veteran in MMA and Taekwondo. 


Address: G01, One Island South, Heung Yip Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.


Sensory Zero has two shops, one in the new cool kid district, South side of Hong Kong thanks to the newly opened MTR Station. The 2nd one is in the Eslite Bookstore in Taikoo.

Sensory Zero Flagship is a huge shop that was part of Lane Crawford’s home store. It has to have the highest ceiling for any types of shops in Hong Kong. The architecture makes it very spacious.

The shop is not just a cafe, but an amazing showcase of its products. Sensory Zero chose everything white in the shop, except our Willow tableware, the tints of cobalts do bring a dramatic effect to its overall food presentation.

They custom made their coffee cups, and if I have to choose a favourite custom made design of Loveramics ever, Sensory Zero has to be one of them. Sensory Zero’s image is very unique and consistent. Across its packaging, uniform, looks and feel of the shop, they have all been cool and well managed.

The brand was created in 2014, Sensory and Artisan are the two main focuses of the brand. Not to mention its great home-roasted specialty coffee, the food they serve uses the best ingredients possible, fresh and hand picked everyday to fully display its artisanal side of food presentation.

You can find its huge roaster in its shop. Apart from its proven coffee, they offer great tea, fruit juice and drinks to display its sensory side. In such a relaxing and roomy environment, you do get to slow down and appreciate every bit of it.

Apart from the two stores we visited, you often see Sensory Zero in all sorts of high roller events. They are often invited to be the pop up guests in fashion shows. Next time you see their signature mobile coffee cart, you will know its them.




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