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Article: Event: 3 weeks of Pottery

Event: 3 weeks of Pottery

3 consecutive weeks of throwing weekend by Ha.Ma went down great. Perfect weather for the beach side event. Sun shining all the way with bit of ocean breeze, can't ask for more from a mid summer weekend.

We were lucky to have 3 sunny Sundays, and let hundreds of you to throw your first pot. The idea is to let you experience the clay, parents were having a good time leaving their kids with us.

People who joined the workshop get to throw a pot with guidance from Ha.Ma, and they all went home with a happy smile on the face. I will never forget the first time I throw, and  so do all you first timers/

A kid was telling his parents, "I never knew my mug was made that way." Thats exactly what we want them to feel and experience. Living in modern world we are in today, is hard to imagine how craftsmanship used to rule the world.

Its always good to show them the first consumers material in the world, thats purely made by earth and fire.

We all take home a pottery at the end of the day.

You may join our ceramics painting workshop here too:


Week 1 @Loveramics Pulse



Week 2 @Loveramics Taikoo


Week 3 @Loveramics CWB



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