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Travel: NOC Coffee & Roaster

If you hang out in the city of Hong Kong, there are 2 characteristics of its streets. They are narrow, and they are on hilly slopes.

We always say a good café lights up the neighbourhood, and NOC is a great example. Located in a classic Hong Kong old part of town, NOC has decent outdoor seatings, and is often packed with hipsters. The special landscape encourages you to bring your coffee to the street surrounding it.

It’s a great scene of cool peeps hanging out on an old urban landscape.


Noc Coffee:

Shop 1: 34 Graham Street, Central.

Shop 2: 18 Gough Street, Central.

Opening Hours: 7:30am-6pm


NOC was founded by Benny and Sum in 2015. Benny has been in f&b for 10 years, and Sum is the Latte Art Champion of Grand Barista Championship in 2011. Both of them loved coffee, and leading a group of passionate baristas they run NOC.

Everybody in the coffee scene describes NOC with its beautiful latte art, and the handsome and cool baristas. After visiting in person, they did not disappoint. However, they offer much more than ‘handsome and cool baristas’. They certainly have unique ways of approach to the business, and they do share great startup stories that should be learnt from many others.

NOC shows a different dimension and is not always just about passion or quality of coffee. Their whole approach to its brand, and the way they share the spotlight and success with their staff is special. Maybe that’s the reason why all baristas who work there are cool and approachable.

NOC Coffee & Roaster offers coffee and healthy eats. Graham 34 is their first shop, and soon to open second shop will be in 18 Gough Street. Featuring 2 floors of minimalistic designs, the shop is set to takeover the neighbourhood by storm. Benny told us he will be putting lots of his home’s elements into it. They will be serving salmon and avocado bagels in the new shop as well, so we really look forward to it.

NOC Coffee = Not Only Coffee. The name says something about the ambition of running a good cafe. Instead of being a snobbish specialty coffee shop (which they totally can be), they care about the experience, the environment and everything else. It feels refreshing to us having a great coffee shop that’s not geeky about coffee! One thing our team really appreciate, is the cleanliness of the shops, always tidy, and who provides lotion in the bathroom of a cafe?!?! Lotion?! In a cafe? We do appreciate this tiny detail though, and we hope the vision of NOC will roll out like the spinner on the floor of the Graham Shop.

We just heard they are preparing for the 3rd shop, and we believe sky is the limit with a big dream like this.




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